At this time Fractured Wholeness Ministries can provide a couple services.

  1. Tammy will come to your church on a contract consultant basis for the time period of 10 weeks. During this time she will provide: leader training, class development, and a trial run. Before she arrives it will be important to advertise the class: Redefining Reality.
  2. Tammy is also available to come to your church or organization for a one or two week speaking engagement. Tammy will speak on subjects related to sexual violence including but not limited to: education, healing,  and process.

For the service of contract consultant Tammy will require 10 weeks (more or less). Her time at your church or organization will look like this:

  1. Week 1: Training your leaders. It takes special training and understanding to lead this class which is why we will be training leaders for a time period of two weeks
  2. Week 2: Training continues.
  3. Week 3-10: Class.

This 10 week service is negotiable upon request.


Tammy’s compensation is negotiable. Serious inquires only please:

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